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Daiwa Saltiga Series

Thursday, April 7, 2011 , Posted by konghaifishing at 5:27 PM

Daiwa Saltiga Z 6500 Dogfight

Daiwa Saltiga Z6500 EXP

Offshore game fishing places high demands on you and your tackle, the last thing you want to worry about is tackle failure when you hook that fish of a lifetime. New advances in technology have made it possible to use the full potential of super braided lines, Daiwa’s Saltiga spinning reels were designed to harness the full potential of these amazing lines and to set the standard for the ultimate premium offshore spinning reels.

Since their debut in 2001, Saltiga was designed as the ultimate offshore threadline with one thing in mind – optimum performance with minimal maintenance. This was achieved by using simple design, minimal parts and eliminating many features that have a reputation for breaking down under heavy pressure namely anti-reverse and bail trip levers.

Building on Daiwa’s famous engineering technology, the Saltiga series introduces the strongest gearing in the world, Hyper Digigear, made from C6191 marine bronze which is digitally cut for perfect meshing and incredible strength. With the ultimate in gear design, reels like this need to be backed up by one of the strongest drag systems featured in any reel available today.

Sealed for performance and protection the multi disc hyper tournament wet drag system, depending on the model can exude upwards of an incredible 30 kilograms of pressure with ease.

With the ever changing game market looking for both new techniques and the ultimate in performance the Saltiga spinning reel series is guaranteed to find a place in every big game angler’s arsenal.

* Real Four technology

* Hyper Digigear

* ABS spool

* Twistbuster II

* Extra large line roller

* Sealed saltwater proof hyper tournament drag

* Sealed line roller

* Sealed gear box (except on Game models)

* Airbail

* Rugged distortion free super metal body

* Rotor break to prevent accidental bail closure

* One piece machined aluminium handle and knob

* Full time dual stopper infinite anti-reverse

* Washable construction

* Ultra precision computer designed C6191 marine bronze gearing

* Zero friction main shaft

* Rugged advanced level wind

* 5 year warranty

Daiwa Saltiga Z6500 Dogfight - RM

Daiwa Saltiga Z6500EXP - RM2950.00

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